There were Buyers who Got Lyrics for their Songs When they Contributed to the Ecofriendly Project for the Kids

Get lyrics for your songs while you tell the children how to protect the environment

Now Children Can Sing More Happy Songs

Now children can sing customized songs on their birthdays They can sing many different songs in many ways They can sing about the things they need to learn And the good grades they will earn They can sing about their pets and toys You can order lyrics for both girls and boys Contributing to theContinue reading “Now Children Can Sing More Happy Songs”

Music Monday

Life is better still when you are singing your own song Sing about the things you like, you can’t go wrong Sing and dance, enjoy life in a new way Just have a great day Sing a happy Song A short song A catchy tune Under the moon …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. You can order lyrics here forContinue reading “Music Monday”

Music Monday

Music has been keeping us happy for many many years We listen to music when we want to forget our cares Life without music is dreary The best thing we can do is listen to music when we are weary So get ready to sing your own song So you can be happy all dayContinue reading “Music Monday”

Sing Your Great Song

Sing your own great song So you can forget about those who did you wrong Soon you will be planning for a future that is bright As you will be talking with those who treated you right First, you will be singing at home And then you might decide to roam So that others canContinue reading “Sing Your Great Song”

A new way to tell children about environmental Protection Awareness

For many years No one seemed to care About the ocean out there We didn’t reuse, reduce or recycle We just discarded the old toys and bicycles We didn’t think we should replant trees We thought the water at the North pole would always freeze Thee was no talk about Global warming at all WeContinue reading “A new way to tell children about environmental Protection Awareness”

You Are Special


That Sweet Caress

sweet caress


We can decide to care And get rid of fear And be like that flower that is blooming out there Attracting hearts that won’t allow us to have despair

Don’t Anticipate

Don’t anticipate Unless you are thinking of something great And you are planning to participate After you have decided that you won’t be late   Life is fantastic When you find the magic Forget the tricks Don’t stop at being basic Sometimes you will need to be drastic    

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