Developing Eco Habits can Help us to Reap Great Benefits

Children can learn good eco habits as they grow
It will be possible for them to plan for a bright tomorrow

Plastic Pollution and Environmental Education

Environmental education for children is the way to go
Support this eco project now that you know

There are Treasures in the Waste it is not Just Smelly and Bad

Spread the word about the need for environmental care in a new way
Order your fiverr gigs today

More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life

Computers, fans, microwaves and irons could get a longer life if we could get them fixed I wonder if the manufacturers could start doing more restoration and selling second hand appliances and when we go to shop we could choose between a new one and restored mix If more persons individuals were trained to doContinue reading “More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life”

You Will Get a Lot in Return When You Help the Children to Learn

You get a lot in return
When you help the children to learn

Climate Change is Happening and Our Actions Needs Changing Too- Time For us all To Do Something New

We will be doing more to make our future secure
When we reuse, reduce and recycle more

The Youth Won the Fight Against the Culprits Who Destroy the Environment

Climate Justice gets massive support from the youth They have decided that they won’t be quiet now that they know the truth Large corporations have done a lot of damage over the years While poverty is increased and people have shed a lot of tears At last the youth have decided to fight back becauseContinue reading “The Youth Won the Fight Against the Culprits Who Destroy the Environment”

The Zero Waste Plan=More Recycling and a Clean Environment

the children can now learn how to treat the environment right
And plan for a future that is bright

The New E-Book for the Young Eco Warriors and Why we Should Keep Them Informed

The children want to have a future that is bright
Let us give them the information they need so they can do what is right

Sharing Eco-Friendly Tips with the Children is Such a Great Thing to Do

Children will find great ideas when they decide to care about the environment and be creative They will become more caring too as they will start making things that they can give So why not tell them about the great eco-friendly tips that people use when they go green You will see that they willContinue reading “Sharing Eco-Friendly Tips with the Children is Such a Great Thing to Do”

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