We Can Protect the Environment more when we are Aware of Problems

We can plant more trees Creating more homes for the birds and the Bees We can use less plastic And plan for a future that is fantastic We can protect the water we drink End all pollution by changing the way we think We can eat food that is less toxic When we stop pollutingContinue reading “We Can Protect the Environment more when we are Aware of Problems”

Little Environmentalists Will Reduce Your Bills

Little girls and boys Will ask for less toys When they’re thinking like environmentalists do They will do a lot to reduce your bills too They will turn off lights and unplug unused appliances and equipment As they constantly learn how they can take care of the environment Little environmentalists will like planting trees TheyContinue reading “Little Environmentalists Will Reduce Your Bills”

A Solution for Plastic pollution

When Leaders listen to what environmentalists have to say People eventually treat the environment in a better way They use creative ideas to reduce plastic pollution They find out that they can work together and create a solution We have been using a lot more plastic bottles recently And reducing plastic pollution is our responsibilityContinue reading “A Solution for Plastic pollution”

We Need Clean and Clear Air

When we have clean air we don’t fear

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