A Healthy Environment and Our Health Goes Hand in Hand

When we understand why health is more important than wealth we will change our ways
And help our children to look forward to seeing brighter days

Save the Planet it is a Good Thing To Do

Save Our Planet, it is a good thing to do

Protect the Environment and Save

When we try to protect the environment we can save a lot Soon we can say, look at all they benefits we got When we reuse plastic and use less electricity We reduce our energy bills and have a cleaner city We can recycle waste and spend less on many things too We will findContinue reading “Protect the Environment and Save”

Now you can do more for For Your Planet

You can do more for your planet in a new and better way When you spread the word about the importance of environmental protection each day The project for the children and the environment has a great plan Children will do craft items when they realize that they can You will be surprised at theContinue reading “Now you can do more for For Your Planet”

ECO Friendly Chat With Children

Have that eco friendly chat with the children No need to wait until they are ten They can learn about waste separation And start being more aware of the bad situation That was created over the years Let them know how much you care Plastic pollution and deforestation can be stopped after a while AndContinue reading “ECO Friendly Chat With Children”

More Environmental Care

It is clear that there is a need environmental care

More Environmental Care

Now that it is quite clear That there is need for more environmental care Plastic pollution will be a problem we put away And we will have clean water to drink every day Deforestation would’t leave us in a bad situation And we would be feeding many more nations Proper waste management would be doneContinue reading “More Environmental Care”

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