Eco Kids and their Bright Future

There are children who care about the environment and they should be encouraged

Now that we know that adults did so much damage

The coral reef where the baby fish grow under the sea, disappeared in many places

They might think of ways to remove some of the problems they will face

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Don’t just leave them in the dark without a spark

When they want to make their mark

You can give them some hope for a future that is bright

When you tell them how to treat the environment right

There are special eBooks here for them

Parents can start telling them how to fix the problem

Eco kids will be glad to get the right information

So they can start looking at how they will fix the bad situation

Climate change is happening and it will affect the food production plan

Let us show a child how they can grow up and become a smart man or woman

Who will try very hard to protect the food, water and air

Tell them about the importance of environmental care

Life is great when we have the things we need the most

And children can learn to reuse, reduce, recycle and help with the compost

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ebooks and fiverr gigs are here , you can support the project and get more ebooks for the children so they can learn how to protect the environment

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A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

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