Climate Change and the Sea Level Rise

If green house gas emissions are not slashed soon where will we go

Rising sea level has been causing many problems in some places even if the rise is slow

But there are skeptics who say this is not so

We all want the planet to remain beautiful

And why would some people decide that they won’t be truthful?

But while the skeptics say nothing is changing on the planet

A number of persons seem to be very upset

Who wouldn’t be after you lose your home and all your investments

Because some folks don’t want to protect the environment

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So let us spread the word about the need for environmental care

And the problems caused by Sea Level Rise will not be seen as something that just affects the people over there

Join the many persons who have supported the project for the children and the environment

We shouldn’t sit and watch the sea level rise when we all want to have a life that is decent

There are many great services that are being offered online

When we protect the environment we are helping our children to look forward to a future that is just fine

Order lyrics, social media advertising, articles and more, individuals get service when they contribute

It is time for us to face truth

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Sea level is rising more each day
Let us treat the environment in a better way
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