Save the Oceans They Have a Lot to Offer now and in the Future

If we don’t stop to think about the destruction we cause and change our ways

We are saying we don’t want future generations to live in great ways

Restoring the Oceans is important as it sustains life on earth

We shouldn’t wait until fish stocks are depleted to look at the Oceans worth

Humans continue to be the most destructive creatures on the planet

We are simply waiting to live with a lot of regret

Destroying the source of our food

So that we can’t avoid being in a bad mood

The Oceans represent life for us, so we shouldn’t assume it will always feed us when we don’t care

Let us pay more attention to environmental care

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Over fishing and practices that destroys the Ocean floor should not continue

We should not be working towards being blue

When we sit at tables and eat these delicious meals each day

We should decide to do more to help the Oceans to keep on providing for us in a great way

There are many persons who have supported Oceana and you can do your part as well

The video shared here tells about the important work that needed and it makes it easy for you to tell

We don’t need to be as destructive as we were before

Now that we know how to work towards having a future that is secure

Audio sample for this ebook for children

Order your copy today and work towards having a bright future in a new way

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