Environmental Education is needed Even More Today

Environmental Education is needed even more today

We have been generating a lot more waste, and it is getting harder for us to treat the environment in the right way

We have added e-waste, extra boxes and packaging when we shop online and masks to the ever growing list of things we use and discard

It is time for us to look for the entrepreneurs who are doing ecofriendly businesses and give them great rewards

When ecofriendly businesses grow and create more job opportunities every day

There are many of our problems that will decide to stay away

Life will improve in many ways, as these businesses grow

Producing extra waste and burning it is not the direction in which we should go

Having more individuals who are aware of the damage that poor waste management does

Will cause the right information to spread and we will find more ways to reduce our woes

It is so easy to talk about the ease of shopping online

But if we continue polluting the environment more will our future be fine?

Doing more reusing, reducing, repairing and recycling is more important now than before

Environmental education is needed so much more

We can prepare children to do green jobs when they grow up now that jobs are hard to find

They will enjoy spending more time learning about nature and they will have peace of mind

Environmental education can change the way we plan for the future

We an think about sustainability and have a new adventure

The project that is here to provide children with the information they can use

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