When we Fail to Work with a Good Eco Friendly Plan- We are Simply Failing the Children

A Failure to make ecofriendly plans can lead to problems in the future

But working with good plans can help us to create solutions while we have an adventure

Sustainable development will be like an elusive dream

If we can’t communicate and work together like a team

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If the rich continues ignoring the poor and factories keep on polluting more

We can only look forward to a future that is grim and insecure

As more hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones destroy homes and livelihood

When we could simply plan to reduce Global warming as we should

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Problems will keep on moving from one generation to the next until we do something new

And without a great plan it is easy for us to keep on doing the things that will cause us to be blue

When eco-warriors are ignored by Government and rich manufacturers each day

The environmental issues get worse and people simply live in an uncomfortable way

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Glaciers are shrinking, sea level is rising and climate change is happening even if you don’t feel the effects as yet

If we ignore the facts we will be left with regret

It is not too late to make a plan and do things in a new way

We can show the children that we want them to live to see a brighter day

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The ecofriendly plan for the children is here… supporters of the plan got great service online and ebooks

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