Will Nano Plastics Affect us? Can We Reduce Plastic Pollution?

Microplastic and the smaller pieces called Nano plastics in the air, the water and the food as well

Changing the way we manage plastic waste is very important, when we want our children to have good stories to tell

If we continue doing things in the same old way

Will the children be able to live to see a better day

Many plans have been made to tackle the plastic pollution problem over the years

But we still have a too much plastic waste in the oceans and there are still a lot of people who don’t care

Soon there will be more information out there about how nano plastic, is it harming us?

What will we say about our reality? Will we worry or will we fuss?

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Maybe if we could start with doing waste separation in a better way

And we could be determined to see our children getting prepared to see a brighter day

We could start spreading the word about the need for environmental protection

As we help more people to start making better decisions

There is a lot we can do to reduce plastic pollution now

We can find a way to stop drinking so much bottles water somehow

When companies try to make new products out of plastic waste to sell

We can support them in many ways so that they will do well


Plastic is very durable and it will be hard for us to stop using it completely

But we can change the way we do waste management if we use our creativity

There is an ecofriendly kids project here

Ebooks are being published for children so they can learn about environmental care

Sample of another ecofriendly ebook for children

We can take action as we try removing the problem each day

After a while we can say we sent the problem away

We can do more repairing, refusing, recycling, reusing, and reducing

Clear messages should be sent out to the children and in the media, they shouldn’t be confusing

Doing nothing about plastic pollution should never be seen as an option

When we can face the truth and make better decisions

http://www.funwritings.comPhoto by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

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