Top 10 Endangered Species in the World —

There are more than 30 million animals in the world. While this may seem like a large number, there are many species that are on the brink of extinction because of man’s intervention. Below are the top 10 endangered species in the world: 1. Javan Rhinoceros One of the world’s rarest animals, there are only […]

Top 10 Endangered Species in the World —

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  1. The desire for profit or for fun, the human being does not repair the great damage that it causes to the conservation and protection of the animal world. It is an unconsciousness that is killing the endangered animals and that we will never see again.
    A good item to raise awareness
    Manuel Angel

  2. So sad that many of these amazing creatures are endangered. I recently watched Sir David Attenborough’s documentary A Life On Our Planet and was shocked that only 40% of mammals in the world are wild. We have to stop and consider the impact of our lifestyles on the planet.

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