Toxic Plastic and How it Affects Us

When plastic is burned and we inhale the fumes it affects us badly after a while

In order for us to reduce our exposure to the toxins produced when plastic is burned we’ve got to go an extra mile

We should warm our food in glass or ceramic containers at all times

When we protect ourselves we will save a lot more than a dime

There is not enough time being spent on exposing the facts about toxins in the air and water to people everywhere

And the manufacturers who make huge profits don’t seem to think about environmental care

But if more of us would change the way we use plastic we would see this problem again

If we do nothing to stop the pollution there will be more distress and pain

When there are more respiratory illnesses to treat

We know it is time for us to do something so we won’t be accepting defeat

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As we should not allow the problems to keep on getting worse as the days go by

Global warming is real, the number of hurricanes makes it impossible for us to deny

Microplastic is another problem we should try to get rid of now

It is getting into our water and the air we breathe somehow

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Climate action is also needed now that we can reduce green house gas emissions as we go green

There is a project here for the children and adults, orders can be placed for eBooks and online services so more can be done to keep our environment clean

Contributors got lyrics for songs and jingles, articles, online advertising and more as they help to spread the word about environmental care

If you want to sing songs like this one while you contribute to the project for the kids and the environment, click here

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