How Green Jobs can help With poverty reduction

Without Green Jobs there will be no sustainable development

Poverty reduction is closely connected to how we treat the environment

When hotels and supermarkets order food online and the farmers get these orders on cell phones

Farms will improve and they will become wealth creation zones

The lives of the poor will be transformed after a while

This is how the rich can help the poor to go the extra mile

Now that Covid-19 has caused so much job loss and distress

Increased food production can help us to remove stress

Farm workers will have more to do and their pay will increase

While other workers stay healthy, while poverty decrease

Sustainable development eluded us for a long time

And we have seen a lot more crime

But we can develop more wind farms and make more solar panels

Instead of treating people like puppets with online sales strategies and funnels

Help the eco-kids to promote environmental protection awareness today

Get Ebooks and fiverr gigs as you contribute to the promotional cost of more ebooks for kids

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