What does the Future Hold For Our Planet?

We can only look at current events and wonder what will happens next

What if we are heading towards a major catastrophe that will wipe us out

What can we do to remove our doubt

If nothing is done to stop Global warming, won’t the planet get too hot for us to live here after a while?

It is time for us to do more to protect our environment, let’s go the extra mile

Let us reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills when we recycle more

We can create more jobs when we recycle, we can help the poor

There seems to be no other planet that is suitable for us to live on at this time

So doing all we can to protect Mother Earth should not be seen as another crime

Some say the Sea level is not really rising at all

So when they are asked to protect the environment, they won’t answer the call

But protecting the environment won’t hurt us

We need to do our part to protect our planet, we should not fuss


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