If Environmental Protection Could become the Most Popular Topic on Earth

If Environmental Protection could become the most popular topic out there

We would be able to look forward to having clean water and clean air

So let us help more people to be aware of the damage that is being done

We have a battle to fight and somehow it can be won

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We can talk about the impact of climate change on the lives of people on small islands these days

And how we will save a lot of cash when we treat the environment in better ways

We can build environmental protection awareness in a simply way for the children to understand

They will learn eco-friendly tips and start planning to take care of life’s demands

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We can tell the business owners who pollute the environment how they will lose everything after a while, so they will change what they do

I’m sure they will want their children to find a way to make it through

We can talk about the plastic pollution problem and say recycling is a great solution

We will tell people that the problems we see now will disappear when we put an end to pollution

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When people know how much they will benefit from having clean energy, water and air

I believe they will want to pay attention to environmental care

We will build environmental protection awareness in a new and better way

After a while we will have a lot of great things to say

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

If we won’t change the plans we made to spread the word about the importance of environmental protection in the past

We won’t be encouraging each other to get our resources to last

And we will be moving towards being so distressed

But we can start showing more interest

You can support the eco-kids project by borrowing ebooks here for the children

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