Who Knows If we have Enough Oil to Power Economies for a Long Time?

The remaining reserves of oil, have become a debate among the experts these days?

More technology needs more energy and it is best for us to find renewable sources in new ways

There is so much of what we do that depends on our need for energy

If we don’t invest more time and money in clean energy, Life could become a tragedy

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Our dependence on oil has grown over the years

And there has been less emphasis placed on the need for environmental care

Who thinks about restoring the places that is damaged when oil spills cause terrible destruction

Is anyone willing to start following some new instructions

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We could be making and restoring more solar panels in more places

Creating more jobs and causing more smiles to be on faces

We could also find more sources for clean energy now

If we are truly planning to survive in the future somehow

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We also need to restore the places where the spills happened completely

We need to be prepared to face a brand new reality

We might need to go back to life as it was in the past

If we can’t find enough renewable sources of energy that will last

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For all these reasons and more

We need to tell the children how they can have a future that is secure

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