Renewable Energy Delivers Great Benefits

Renewable energy sources produce zero emissions

We can change how we reduce Global Warming and this should be our mission

Economies can grow faster when the poor has access to electricity

And there is less crowding in the city

Reducing bills and having an environment that is clean

This should cause a lot more people to think about going green

Since poverty reduction is a plan that most Governments talk about

Renewable energy use can be a great way to help the poor to work things out

Less oil spills and less bills can change a lot of lives in these days

A lot more people can live in a better way

More small businesses can begin

And the poor can find a way to win by Porapak Apichodilok on

There can be more jobs for more people to do

When we plan to help each other to make it through

We can change the way we produce energy and live in better ways

Renewable energy will help us to see brighter days

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