You Can Face the Future With a Smile When You Treat the Environment Right

When there is less pollution because more persons implement solutions

after they look at all the facts and make much better decisions

We will all be smiling and the world will be a great place

And we will start by believing that all our troubles can be erased

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So we won’t be giving up before we try to have a clean environment

We can make more plans to reduce pollution as our problems we will prevent

We might see less hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and floods

When we see that protecting our planet is all about doing something good

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Environmental care is not something we talked about much in the past

But now the pollution problems and other issues need to be fixed really fast

Every person on the planet need to start understanding their responsibility

So we can start implementing solutions as we use our creativity

It is not good for us to ruin our planet when we can solve our problems instead

With all these hurricanes, wild fires and droughts our hearts will only be filled with dread

But if we should use less fossil fuels and do more to prevent Global warming we’d smile

As we look forward to having less of these problems after a while

So let us tell the children the truth about the changes we can make

So they won’t be repeating our mistakes

And when the children are told how they can play their part

They will be ready to make a brand new start

They will be ready to reuse, recycle and reduce

Responsible citizens will be what we produce

Eventually no one will think about the problems we have now

Let us believe that we can solve our problems somehow

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They can even do more for the planet while they play

They will enjoy reading the eBooks you buy

And the environment will be cleaner as we all try

To make the future bright

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