Clean Energy can Help to Restore an Economy

Electricity bills can be reduced when a Government decide to use more clean energy and burn less fossil fuels after a while

When the leaders care about their people they will go the extra mile

They will help the people to start more small businesses with the money they save

Small businesses can grow and employ many persons and there will be less crime and less young gangsters going to their graves

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I hope more countries will decide to go green so the economies can recover after or even during the pandemic

One day we will see that crime and violence can be reduced and poverty is not systemic

When we choose to go green we will solve a lot of the problems we see around us every day

And a lot more people can live in a great way

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It will be good to see less oil spills that kill fish and other marine life and leave oceans unhealthy

And more small business owners will find more ways to become wealthy

Increased employment will help economies to grow

And it is time for us to let other ideas that involve the destruction of the environment go

The renewable energy plan for Jamaica is here, now the reduction of electricity bills will be possible

Cheap and clean energy can give people the life that is incredible

When you want to work towards having a future that is bright

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