Too Many Guns and Not Enough Caring Hearts

What will you do when there are too many guns out there

And hearts are filled with too much fear

Mr. Policy Maker please stop and think

Right now we are on the brink

What will we do when we have returned to the days of the wild wild west

And we feel too afraid to even try to do something good as no one shows an interest

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As life for most persons have become too short

Because no one knows what love is worth

What will you do when children find guns and start killing each other

What will you say to the sad father and mother

Will you say having more guns in the society only benefits the gun makers

And the high murder rate will also benefit the undertakers

Now tell me is that good enough

Are you taking tax payers dollars so you can make their lives tough

Or will you create policies that will improve the lives of citizens more and more each day

So we can all forget fear and live in a better way

How about creating a policy that restricts the gun makers and reduce the number of guns we have on the streets

And encouraging the youth to be productive because they will always need food to eat

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