The Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic pollution problem

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11 thoughts on “The Plastic Pollution Problem

  1. Spot on. We need to so much more to reduce our plastic waste if we’re going to save the biodiversity of the oceans. It is not just reduction on the consumer side that is needed though; the production of plastic by major corporations needs to be scaled back hugely to make any difference. I wrote an article recently on the extent of plastic pollution in the oceans if you want to do more research on this. Great article!

    1. thank you, we could plant more trees and use more paper packaging as well. There are so many things we can do to solve the problem we just need to care… than you for your kind words

  2. They will not remember us kindly for sure unless we do something right now. Glad there are people like you spreading the word. Keep up the good work 😁

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