Plastic Pollution and the Great Solution

When people try to create solutions for big problems, life can change in so many ways

It is so good to see that there are people who create solutions and try to help the poor to see better days

As they try to prevent the pile of plastic from growing as fast

And tackle the unemployment that leads to the homelessness crisis and more, so that they can become problems we had in the past

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There is so much land and plastic that is not being used

And yet homeless people are living on the streets where they are abused

Now that plastic waste is used to create simple jobs for them

They like working towards solving the housing problem

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When developers build houses that are very expensive

The poor people thought they would never have somewhere to live

And since plastic waste was used to make very strong bricks that situation can change

All it took was a new way of thinking, isn’t that strange?

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A great idea was combined with the desire to help others

Life is good when people start believing we are all sisters and brothers

They start doing more to change bad situations

After a while they begin having grand celebrations

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When you want to spread the word about the need for environmental care , click here:

So that more people will begin using plastic waste in better ways in places that are far and near

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Pollution and the Great Solution

  1. The video was what our world wants right now to make bricks of plastics and solve the problems of polluting our World and making a clean and neat environment for all of us to live. We can have affordable houses too. Awesome post, Denise.

    1. Thanks for reading the post Kamal, we really need to use these solutions in more places… the piles of plastic waste is a huge problem for us…….. Enjoy your day

      1. Yes dear Denise it is surmounting and it is everywhere. Let us all open our eyes and work towards a better environment. Always welcome. Take care and stay safe.

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