Why Environmental Protection Awareness was not Seen as a thing that was Important in the past as it is Now

Back in the days when scientist didn’t do research as much as they do now

People thought they could throw their waste anywhere, they didn’t think about pollution and better waste management they didn’t know how

Dealing with our mounting piles of trash has been a problem over the years

This makes it important for everyone on the planet to get involved with environmental care

When more persons are aware of the waste management problem they will do their part and reduce the amount of trash they produce

They will make a greater effort to reuse, recycle and reduce

We now know that the pollution is bad for our health

And it better for us to reduce pollution even if we don’t have wealth

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People who are not aware of the damage that is done when trash is disposed of in the wrong way

Increase the problems we have with toxins getting into our water, air and soil each day

They don’t know that their actions will hurt them and other people after a while

So they won’t do what is best for the environment, even if they need to go an extra mile

Spreading the word about the need for Environmental protection awareness can help to change the way waste management is done

The pollution battle can be won

There can be more upcycling, repurposing, reusing, reducing and recycling being done when people make informed decisions

Environmental protection awareness is an awesome provision

And our children should be told about it so they will make better decisions than the ones that were made before

The one that caused the air to be toxic and so much plastic to be on the seashore

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The waste management problem should not be hanging around for so long

It is clear that we have been dealing with the problem in way that is wrong

But now that waste to energy has become a part of the waste management plan in some places

More of our leaders should be developing these plants so they can put smiles on our faces

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Keeping mother Earth beautiful is an important thing for us all to think about

And it is time for more persons to get involved in sorting this problem out

And while we are talking about it we should be telling the children more about environmental protection in a simple way

So they can start planning to treat Mother Earth in a better way

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