Overpopulation and Pollution- how it affects the Environment and the Changes we can Make

Is it overpopulation that causes poverty or is it our inability to share? If we could find better ways to communicate and be more caring, would it be possible for us to take better care of the environment in a great way while we help poor people to thrive?

If the manufacturers of plastic would implement more projects to help the poor who would be willing to collect plastic and other waste; so that more reusing and recycling can be done. Wouldn’t the poor be able to help with environmental protection more?

Overpopulation and over consumption causes excess waste to be produced and the need for better waste management is not getting enough attention. I ask myself if there is hope that there will be a change in the way we think about our planet.

What will happen if we don’t find a way to stop being so materialistic and selfish, so we can do the right thing and have clean drinking water and air?

Could it be that our quest to get wealth is ruining our health? The rich countries are mainly the ones who have poor air quality. However, they won’t stop producing because they don’t want their economic growth to decline.

So many big businesses are operated by managers who don’t care about the environment, they only think about profits. Climbing the ladder of success is all about having more stuff and poor health it seems.

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If we could encourage more persons to move out of urban areas would there still be a problem with over population? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves. We have been saying city life is best for too long and now that we have contamination of water and food because of the way we live, it is time for us to start thinking in a new way.

Spreading out the population is something every Government on the planet should be trying to do. There would be new ways of learning and earning, this would allow economies to grow and job creation would be done in a better way. Getting rid of the overpopulation problem and the plastic pollution problem can be done with a few simple changes. We just need to be willing to adjust before it is too late

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The stories that are available here for children tells of all the changes children can make when they are reducing plastic use and more. They will understand how plastic affects the marine animals like the Sea Turtles and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves and the planet.


You can support this effort by ordering fiverr gigs and other eBooks on the site. That is how you will be helping to promote the use of reusable items and reduce the number of plastic bags and other plastic products that we use everyday.
When children know about the changes they need to make and why, we will be moving in the right direction as we work towards having a healthy environment. Let’s solve this problem together, we can make the necessary changes and look forward to having a bright future here on our planet.

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    1. yes, but each person produce a certain amount of waste and when waste management is not done properly we have serious problems, thank you so much for reading my post

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