Green Jobs- Sustainable Development and Post Covid-19 Recovery

When Green jobs are created as we increase access to low cost energy

We can say our Government is using a good strategy

To recover from the devastation that Covid-19 has caused almost everywhere

Now it would be good if we could recover while we focus on environmental care

We could be producing more Solar panels and wind turbines as we reduce energy cost

When this is done we will be creating jobs for people who need them the most

There will be a need for more food for the people who lost their jobs recently

So Government should be paying healthy people to plant more crops frequently

There would be more jobs available on farms and in agro-processing facilities

We can find many ways to grow our economies

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Recovering from the devastating effects that the pandemic has on our economies could be hard

But if we keep on doing the right things we will get our reward

Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care and the creation of more green jobs in a new way

Take a look at the environmentally friendly project for the children, start telling them how they can treat the environment in a better way

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