The Teens are Rising up now trying to Get the Adults to Listen Somehow

Ever since Greta Thunberg started talking about the need for environmental protection

More teens have started asking the adults to make better decisions

They say staying in school won’t help them if they have no future to live for

And now they are starting to believe there can see a change and Mother Earth still has a lot of goodness in store

Their voices are getting louder as the days go by

They are not sitting in a corner, while they wonder why by Markus Spiske on

There are some adults who are joining them in the fight

They want them to have a future that is bright

They say the plastic pollution problem cannot be allowed to get any worse

They don’t to sit and do nothing while the rich business owners quickly get them ready for the hearse

The climate change issue is almost at the top of the list of priorities for voters in this upcoming election

Many voters are thinking about the policies of the leaders and how they will handle the crisis when they make their selection by cottonbro on

I have been hearing of new ways to grow the economy with clean energy and it is great

I hope things can be turned around and it won’t be too little too late

The children deserve to live in an environment that is healthy and clean

So let us help them in the best way we can now that the teenagers say they want to go green

More wildfires, hurricanes, floods and disappearing islands is not what they want

They want leaders to act in a new way and say that going green is important

It is easy for you to tell the children about the great ecofriendly tips when you give them these eBooks, so they will grow up and become adults who will want to protect the environment

They won’t be thinking that only huge profits can help them to have a future that is decent by Vu00edu00e7ku00fd u00d0eu00e7u00ebu00f1t u00dfu00f6u00fd on

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