Why are People Locked up When They Try to Protect Their Land?

In a time when we should all be doing all we can to produce more green energy

In Canada the indigenous people are facing a terrible tragedy

Will there be anyone to fight for their rights and protect the environment?

Is there anyone who will say it is good that they made a commitment?

It is hard to believe that people need to fight to protect their land from the threat of pollution

You would think the Government would respect their rights and seek for better solutions

It makes no sense for us to have a lot of stuff

When we are not protecting the environment enough

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The rights of the people are being trampled on

When the Government should be protecting people’s rights, they show that justice is gone

They are determined to destroy what the people hold dear

Why would anyone want to say goodbye to environmental care?

They act like they don’t know that these pipelines can leak and cause huge fires one day

And do you know why they are not listening to what the people have to say?

It would be good if no one will vote for this Government again

It is clear that they don’t realize that when they destroy the environment they have nothing to gain

The people living in the homes they plan to supply with gas will have a bleak future any way

Because now that they have stripped away the rights of some, the rights of all will go one day

When a Leader doesn’t care about environmental protection, what should the people do

Just believe it is good to destroy the planet while they are trying to do something new

If we should start building environmental protection awareness in a new and better way

We will have responsible citizens who will implement the zero waste plan, living on the earth one day

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  1. Denise. What information do you have, the calculations, to demonstrate that we’re in any kind of danger? I know the media constantly does this, but we’ve learned the media are not honest. Just curious. What information do you have that led you to these conclusions? They have to be mathematical with scientific verifications. All the best.

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