Why it is Good to Build Environmental Protection Awareness

If we don’t build environmental protection awareness in a new and better way

What will happen to the children when they grow up, what will they say?

When the air is too toxic and beaches are full of plastic

Will they ever be able to say life is so fantastic?

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It is easy to take the environment for granted and believe our waste will disappear

When we don’t realise that it will be burned and it will pollute the air

So easy to believe we can live in a great way when we destroy ecosystems

Not knowing that after a while we will have many problems


You see our Mangroves protects the land from sea surges when the weather is bad

We should not be covering them with buildings, after a while we will be sad

When we pollute mangroves with our plastic the baby fish have no where to grow

Will we have enough fish to feed the population tomorrow?

And deforestation destroys more than just trees

We can think of planting more crops, but we still need the bees

Environmental protection is more very important

When we are asked to do more for the environment we shouldn’t say we can’t

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If we could try to build environmental protection awareness each day

We would be living in a much better way

Our air and water would be clean

When more people decide to go green

Building environmental protection is easy now

Adults can easily tell the children how

To plant trees, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste

We can’t afford to act in the same way and allow Earth to get warmer, change is needed we should make haste

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