Only Climate Action can help after Irreversible Damage Was Done to Earth by Humans

New reports have stated that irreversible damage was done to earth

By the people who don’t appreciate nature, they don’t care about its worth

Making money and producing more so that more can be earned

Is it that many have blocked vision, and important lessons are not being learned?

How many more wild fires can this earth take?

How many more times will we say oops someone made another mistake?

After we have destroyed so many of our trees and animals

If we were doing more to reduce Global warming the damage we cause would be minimal

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Children are calling out to adults to protect the planet more

They really want to have a future that is secure

Let us do more to lead them in the right direction

It is time for us to do some quiet introspection

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Children should be told about climate solutions

So they can begin making their own contributions

To the reducing of greenhouse gas emissions

They will also want to see a reduction in pollution

Don’t leave them in a world that will cause their poor little hearts to break

Let us try not to make that terrible mistake

We can do a lot with the solutions given by scientists

We can put the zero waste plan far up on our things-to-do list

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