Better Waste Management and Reduced Spread of Diseases

The number of Rodents, Roaches and Mosquitoes are greatly reduced when there is better waste management

This should cause us to do more to protect the environment

With reduced spread of diseases we can have better health care

It is time for us to spread the word about the need for environmental protection awareness everywhere by Andrea Piacquadio on

As more individuals understand how much they benefit from environmental care

We might be able to work towards reducing Global Warming, having less natural disasters and remove fear

The benefits we derive from treating the environment right

Can certainly put an end to our plight

And when the children are informed as well, they will avoid the trauma we have faced

They will want to make the world into a better place

The future will be bright when we use the solutions we have and make good plans

So let us try our best to do all we can

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Don’t wait until it is too late to participate

When we treat the environment right our lives can be great

Less diseases, hurricanes, wildfires and droughts can become a welcomed change

So listen to the environmentalist when they tell you how to manage


ebooks about environmental protection for the children and coloring pages makes it easy for them to learn

You can listen to the free audio sample and get the information and place an order here

Photo by Markus Spiske on

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A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

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