You Can Find A Lot To Do and find New ways to Earn When you Recycle, Upcycle and Reuse During the Lockdown

When you reuse, recycle and upcycle you can find a lot to do

You’ll never know when you might develop a new business or two

Almost every old thing can be recycled and turned into something you can use

Turning old into new can be a new hobby that you can choose

Being in lockdown can become a new adventure during the pandemic

You can find ways to recycle or reuse a lot of things, not just plastic

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Creativity will put a smile on your face

You might find new talents that will take you to a better place

You can upcycle old clothes, furniture and other old things

Save a lot of cash and experience the joy it brings

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There might be an artist waiting to be discovered inside you

And soon you will be having an experience that is brand new

So lockdown can become a good thing after a while

If you are doing things that will eventually help you to smile

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So take another look at all the things you have around you

And soon you might even be helping others to make it through

You’ll find that you have a lot more to give

When you are helping others to find new ways to live

You could learn to do craft items that you can sell online

Soon your bank account will be doing just fine

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Covid-19 is a virus that has caused a lot of distress

But we all have the ability to find success

So let us think of the many things we can do with what we have

Let us make plans to start new businesses or help others, now that we are brave

You’ll be learning some new skills and you will find new talents too

You won’t be bored again as you will have so many things to do

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The children will get involved in all the great activity they see happening each day

They will certainly enjoy living in this new way

And your support of the ecofriendly project on this website

Will help them to know how they can have a future that is bright

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