When We Go Green

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When We Go Green

When we go Green a simple presentation of the thing we do when we go green


“When we Go Green” an introductory story for children about the great benefits we will see when we protect the environment in the best way.

We are changing all that as we tell children about the many ways they will benefit from going green as they live in a healthy environment.




“When We Go Green” the book Green kids have always wanted. Going green is no longer a term that has never been explained in a way that children can understand.

Green kids can easily spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment by giving this book to their friends.

Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles and friends can now play an active role in helping children to face the future with a smile. They can give copies of this book to many children as they show their love for the planet and the children.

Going green and green living is a big part of the best plan that will help us to have a future. Telling the children all about it is the most important thing we can do. The children are the future and helping them to prepare to face it is the responsibility of every adult.

Let us all move towards the future with confidence, supporting the children in every way we can. This eco-kids project has provided information that is written in simple language for them, we could see a huge change in the way the environment is treated in the future if we get these eco-friendly children’s books into the hands of children more and more each day.

Environmental Education can cause us to see a transformation in the way pollution is reduced, so we can a live in a healthy environment.

1 review for When We Go Green

  1. Odane Grant

    My younger sister gave this a 4-star rating and said that the book was very informative and she thinks more children should get the chance to read this type of content.

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