Youth Waking up Governments

Governments have proven over the years that the fossil fuel industry is in control. As leaders refuse to do enough about climate change. Environmental protection was not given enough attention in schools before. The older generation was not informed. Now the youth are taking them to court. If we continue increasing the amount of devices and plastic products we use. We will need to tell children about the Zero Waste plan. We should not be setting them up to live with a bigger climate crisis. We can be fair to them and give them the information about much more climate solutions.

When Children are Aware

Informed children grow up to be aware citizens, who are willing to face facts and act. What these young people are doing can save many lives. There was a group that won a similar case before. If this case is won, we could see others. Governments who ignore climate solutions should not be elected. There seems to be people who are unaware of the solutions for the environmental issues. They are the ones who elect uncaring politicians.

Children Contribute When they are Aware

When the youth are aware of the problems caused by climate change. They stand up to tackle Governments.

How Children Can Contribute 

The trees they plant will consume CO2 and release oxygen, this directly contributes to cleaner air. They also assist with recycling as they reduce pollution. They will help to spread the word among their peers. As they talk about the need for environmental care.

Armed with knowledge and motivation, children can contribute significantly to protecting our environment. Let’s guide them towards creating a greener, healthier world.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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