Will Electric Vehicles Help to Reduce Pollution?

Even though the emissions from mining Cobalt and Lithium. (The minerals used in the making of the batteries for the electrical vehicles) Has been lower than those derived from fossil fuel production. The extraction method for the mining of these two minerals is energy intensive. There is land degradation, air and water pollution. The underground water is also put at risk and  all these factors must be considered when our plans to protect the environment are being considered.


Lithium is non toxic, while Cobalt is toxic. The Miners should be wearing protective gears, and children should not be allowed to go anywhere near a mine. It would be good if more recycling of these batteries can be done. This would help to reduce the need for more minerals. However, we know there will not be much change in the way we pollute the planet, if awareness is not increased. The system that cause us to ignore our waste and keep on polluting, only advertises the new things. They say nothing about the used things.

More Recycling Needed

Now that the soil is polluted with many toxic chemicals and plastic. The need for more recycling is growing. Water shortage is a problem for a growing number of people around the world at this time. We should not be polluting this very precious resource. It is time for us to begin thinking about what we will hand over to the next generation. The pollution of the soil also causes increased food insecurity. Sustainable living has become more important too, and our children need to be preparedto manage life on the planet.

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