Why Telling Children About Going Green is Important

My parents were nature lovers and they took me to the beach and other places where I would always be enjoying nature walks, and more fun-filled activities very often when I was growing up. This has caused me to love Nature, and now I am passionate about building environmental protection awareness in a new and better way. I am helping children to have more information about solutions for environmental issues in books. They will also learn about the need for environmental care, and have eco-friendly tips they can use to solve problems. Children will learn about going green with the simplified information about pollution reduction and green living, they can plan for a bright future as well. I believe adults have a duty to inform children about sustainability.

In a world that is so polluted because of poor waste management and increased consumerism, adults should be thinking of the children and their future, along with the health of the environment. Environmental education should be seen as the best tool we can use to create the future we need to see. It is time for us to ask ourselves if our children will have beaches to enjoy, if climate change keeps on causing sea level rise; and nothing much is done about plastic pollution and we keep on having micro plastic to eat as we watch the number of cancer patients rise, even though we are not sure what is causing that. What quality of life will our children have?

Why it is Good for us to Plan for a Green Future

The answers to these questions will cause us to realise why changing the way we plan for the future is important. Individuals who are thinking about living sustainably and using solutions to improve the quality of their lives, are the ones who are starting green businesses and increasing their income in these hard times. They are the ones who raise children that are aware of environmental issues and the need for solutions.

However, there might be other children who are curious and they might hear adults talking about going green and they will ask about the meaning of those words. Are you prepared to tell them all they need to know, when the question is asked? Now that you can see that some of the issues they will be facing in the future, due to the change in the weather pattern can affect food supply. Will you do your part to empower them with the great information they need?

Environmental Children’s Books

You can easily give them most of the information about climate solutions, plastic pollution solutions and the reduction of deforestation, that they need because there are books here to assist in the spreading of these important ideas. They are very affordable and they can be accessed online.

When children have access to books that are filled with activities, word games, eco-friendly tips, great solutions and plan for them to develop eco-friendly habits. They will get busy doing all the simple things they can do to keep their environment clean, while they learn about how they will benefit from environmental protection. They will want to do more for Mother Nature each day as the begin living in a sustainable way.

The books that are a part of the eco-kids book project will help them to understand the impact plastic pollution has on the marine animals and they will gladly want to do more to protect these innocent creatures while they protect their own health.

The Eco-Kids project produced books that will help children to learn about tree planting, recycling, reducing and reusing plastic and more environmental issues. The solutions for these problems are also incorporated in the nicely written stories the children will be reading.

The book about gardening, waste separation and more plans for the green future will be coming out soon. The parents and other supporters of the project, have done a good job of showing their support over the years, and I believe they will continue on this journey. Since we all want the children to have a happy and healthy life after they have helped to save the planet.

We Can Become The Change We Want to See

When we decide to become the change we want to see, there will be a new hope in our hearts as we use solutions to eliminate problems. Building Environmental Protection Awareness in this new and better way will cause us to help more individuals to join us on the journey as we head towards a green future. We will be planning to remove our energy bills, drinking clean water, eating organic food and breathing in clean air at all times. Becoming the change we want to see will be an exciting trip for us and all the people we partner with each day.

If the books are given to more children that are willing to be a part of the eco-kids book project and we could have a huge impact on the way environmental education is used as a tool to reduce pollution. Learning about the environmental issues and how to solve the pollution problems will become easy to do after a while. Children might find solutions that we didn’t think of before, and we might be surprised to see how they make the necessary changes in the way they treat the environment, when they are planning for their bright future.

Why it is good to Motivate Children And Empower Them to be More Creative

Parents can help children to make many of these items out of used plastic waste

Motivating children to be more creative is a good thing for each parent to do. Creativity will help them to solve problems faster. Finding solutions for problems will become a technique they will be using throughout their lives. When they are raised with solutions on their minds, they will be more equipped to handle the stressful situations that life will bring in their paths as they grow up.

Children who are motivated and creative will be helping parents more, to reduce bills and save money, to recycle and reuse more so they can find new ways to improve the lives of the members of their families in small ways. Even though the environmental issues we are having now, seem like they can only get worse each day. It won’t hurt us if we start believing in the simple solutions and begin developing the can do mindset, as this will cause us to eliminate many problems after a while.

Reuse for Taffy Turtle: is the perfect book for teaching children how to be creative. You won’t regret getting copies of it for them.

Why children should Begin learning about the Green Lifestyle

I have seen the climate activists pleading with the people to act. It is evident that people who are not aware of the need for environmental care will want to keep on doing the things that caused us to be in trouble now.

The change we need to see is wrapped up in action. This makes it more important for us to encourage our children to act and create the type of future that they will want to see. When they begin believing the problems can be fixed, they will be motivated to do more reducing, recycling, reusing, tree planting and many other eco-friendly activities that will cause them to protect their own health and well being.

Children will develop great habits and talents when they are planning for a bright future. It has been said that the future belongs to the doers and we should help our children to become a part of the action team.

“Taffy Turtle’s Green Activity Book”:

Is filled with simplified eco-friendly tips, puzzles, word games and it is the book you give to children when they are bored and you want to give them important information that will prepare them to have a healthy environment to enjoy.

Telling children all about going green was never this easy to do before. The books for the eco-kids project are filled with rhymes and bright colorful illustrations that children will love.

This book is a part of the series of books, written in simplified language for the children.

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the future of the earth.

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