Should Climate Activists Be Arrested?

Now that we have seen the effects of Global Warming. Should it be allowed to get worse? Should we be living in the same old way even though there are environmental solutions we can use to improve our situation. I see the people who are living in areas where the impact of climate change does not affect them badly as yet. Ignoring the problem and not caring about the suffering of others. We should not wait for wild fires to get to our houses before we change the way we live. People should have the right to go out and try talking about the problems . Their message might get to the people who are making important decisions and we could see changes one day.

Can we Talk About Global Warming?

Climate deniers and climate activists are at opposite ends of the problem. Is it possible for them to get together one day and talk about the issues? Having a healthy conversation about the facts could reduce the need for arrests and trauma. The people who are only thinking about making the next dollar, don’t want to see blocked roads. They don’t want to hear about saving the planet they live on. The activists are determined to be heard and their message will save lives.

Communicating about the Climate Crisis and its Solutions

There has got to be a better way to get these issues sorted out. I believe the politicians should be the ones who meet with the people who vote for them in elections. They could have town hall meetings and discuss the problems and solutions. They can try to please the activists and help the people who are in denial to understand that environmental protection can’t hurt them. Sustainable living can cause us to create more green jobs. We can see reduced pollution and crime. Why would anyone want to arrest an individual for wanting to see more of that?

Becoming the Change We need to See

When we try to become the change we need to see. We will be using more environmental solutions to end pollution. There will be more done to build environmental protection awareness. This will cause more people to understand why it is important for each of us to act responsibly. Decreased pollution will cause us to see reduced air, soil and water pollution and have improved health. There might be less heat waves, droughts and food shortage too. There are too many people who are not willing to try using solutions.

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