The Importance of Waste Separation

Waste separation is the first major step towards pollution reduction. We get a chance to see more composting, recycling, reusing and repurposing taking place. This will lead to decreased pollution and increased job creation. It is amazing that better plans for waste separation are not being made in more countries.

Waste separation and Environmental protection awareness

How we Benefit from Waste Separation

Since waste separation is the first step that leads to more composting, recycling, reusing and repurposing. It is time for this simple topic to get more attention. We can stop relying on our leaders for instructions for this. We can begin creating jobs for each other when we begin more waste to wealth projects. We should not be locked into the ‘get a job’ system continually.

There is a need for more job creators on earth today. A great solution for that problem is a change in mindset. In Jamaica there is an online gift shop that has started stocking different gift items. They are made by people who decorate old bottles and other discarded items. Jewelry like the pieces found here are also made by creative people. I am interested in supporting these entrepreneurs. They will encourage more individuals to earn in new ways.

plastic bottle collection- decrease pollution
plastic bottle recycling

Plan for the Circular Economy

We can become the change we need to see and grow economies. It is time for us to protect our own lives and livlihood. We can reduce poverty on our own in many ways. Even those who have jobs, can increase their income while they decrease pollution. We can create our own circular economy. We will be motivating each other as we create jobs. More waste to wealth, means environmental health.


The eco-kids project on the fun writings website, will help children to be more interested in creativity. I believe this will cause them to develop improved green plans in the future. They won’t be so determined to hold on to the old way of doing things. Going to stores to shop for the things they can make for themselves. Will you be giving the children a chance?

Cover for Reuse for Taffy Turtler
reusing plastic
How We Benefit from Embracing the Plans for the Circukar EconomyThere doesn’t seem to be any connection between waste management and job creation in the minds of our leaders. The plans for the Circular Economy is great and more individuals can make it happen. We all should not be waiting for Governments to tell us about this. We are the ones who will benefit in many ways from the changes we will make
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