The Importance of Climate Literacy

Without climate literacy we might not see more climate action, and our situation will keep on getting worse. It is good that a class has been set up for us to access online. There is need for mitigation and adaptation, or the food insecurity problems might increase. No one on earth should simply depend on Governments to find solutions for all our problems.

Climate Literacy and Green Action

Climate literacy will help us to live sustainably and do more conservation and restoration. When we are informed about these important issues. We will be creating more green jobs. Telling more people about the great environmental solutions will be our plan. We can save the planet if we try. There is no time for climate denial now. We all need to look at the melting of sea ice in Antarctica. The flooding, the wild fires and heat waves in many places.

Environmental Restoration and Decreased Degradation

We have been told that the burning of Fossil fuels is causing Global warming. Increased climate literacy will cause us to see the needed change in action. The eco-kids book project on the funwritings website has the simplified environmental solutions. Children and adults can prepare for the future in the best way together. There are ecosystems to be restored and environmental degradation will not be as devastating. With increased climate literacy we will finally begin moving in the right direction.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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