The Green Lifestyle will Help us to Support the Blue Economy

Green living will help us to protect our oceans and Seas in many ways, as we will see a reduction in the pollutants we use every day. We could see reduced plastic pollution and a reduction in the amount of the chemicals we use on land. This would lead to less of it getting into the oceans to pollute the Coral reef and Mangroves whenever the rain falls. This will protect the sea creatures and cause us to see growth in the Blue Economy.

How the Sea Floor is Damaged

Building awareness of the damage that is being done to the ocean floor by companies, when they use huge nets to fish or run their cables and pipelines to transport internet data and oil under the sea can be very damaging for the delicate ecosytems. More should be said about the damage done and the future damage these operations represent. Are these companies checking on these cables and pipelines enough? Who can we ask?

The oceans and seas supply us with nutritious seafood and there could be a severe food shortage if these pipelines start leaking. The cables could damage the reef where the baby fish grow and decrease the number of fish caught for human consumption. Is it good for us to be threatening our food supply in this way?

Reducing the Need for Environmental Activism

If there was more emphasis being placed on conservation by Governments and increased environmental education for children, we would have less need for Environmental activism. More individuals would be aware of the need for environmental care.

You can help the children to become the change they need to see. When you give them great information about the zero waste plan and gardening. This will cause us to control pollution over time in a sustainable way. The Blue Economy will thrive when more of the baby fish and other small marine life can survive, as there will be reduced plastic pollution in the Mangroves. We can do our part and live in a clean environment.

Simply support the green action project for the children, and get great benefits, some of the books are free. It is a good thing to protect the oceans and the seas, this will cause the blue economy to grow.

Circular Economy

The plans that will be implemented along with the Circular Economy, will be good for nature. It will be good in many ways for the Blue Economy as well. Let us find every opportunity to talk to our leaders about these great ways to save our planet. Our children and grand children are depending on us and we should not let them down.

When the zero waste plan is implemented and there is far more recycling being done. We will see reduced pollution, increased green job creation, increased recycling, reusing, repairing, repurposing and refurbishing. The end of simply using and discarding is good for the planet, let us tell our children how to support this good plan with the right green action.

help children to be aware

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the future of Mother Earth.

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