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A Creative Writer who writes children’s stories to solve the issues we have with plastic pollution, deforestation, hunger and other problems we are having because of the way we have been treating the environment over the years.
Children who read these stories I have written about protecting the environment, will learn about the simple things they can do to create a better future for themselves as they have fun Take a look at this new project www.funwritings.com
There are just a few of the over 200 reviews left on the fiverr page and the pages for the ebooks here on the site. You can take a look before you place orders.
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Great Communication
24 days ago.
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The seller is extremely helpful. She communicates well. She put together some great tweets and ads. I will definitely work with her again

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Amazing work
Book Worm

May 24, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I would say it is our responsibility as parents to provide our children with the content of this book. They are potentially the future protectors of our environment and planet.

The book is ideal for the recommend age groups.

Early reading is fun and what can be a better subject than recycling and environment protection!

Glenis W. Lorman

May 25, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Poetry can really soothe your soul. The love poems in this book addresses all aspects of love. The strength, the passion, desire, forgiveness, redemption and vulnerability that we feel in this game called love. There is no stronger emotion than love. These poems can add spice to romantic relationships. They can help to smooth out the ruffles and pangs that sometimes come between lovers. They can return the sparks in any relationship that is loosing its luster. I particularly like All That Glitters.
“Now I know that all that glitters is not gold
And half of the bad stories haven’t been told
Because half, the victims didn’t live to tell
So I will not buy everything other people sell.”