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Overpopulation and the Environment

Is it overpopulation that causes poverty or is it our inability to share?  If we could find better ways to communicate and be more caring, would it be possible for us to take better care of the environment?

Overpopulation causes excess waste and the need for better waste management. The questions I ask myself as I hope there will be a change in the way we think about our planet and what will happen if we don’t find a way to stop being so materialistic and selfish, so we can do the right thing and have clean drinking water and air, maybe we could stop contaminating our own food with our waste.


The need for wealth is ruining our health. The rich countries are mainly the ones who have poor air quality. However, they won’t stop producing because they don’t want their economic growth to decline.

It is as if so many big businesses don’t care about the environment, they only think about profits. Climbing the ladder of success is all about having more stuff and poor health it seems.

Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic has made our lives better in many ways as it has kept our food safe and made the fast food business grow, but now it is destroying our environment and some persons will wonder if there was a reduction in the size of the population on earth, would we still have the problem we now have with plastic pollution?

Would we have such a problem if there were less persons living in cities? Should we encourage more persons to move to rural areas and live off the land so they can breathe fresh air and use less plastic?
Reducing plastic use is another great plan that is being promoted at this time, but helping persons to be more aware of the plastic pollution problem and getting them to change the way they discard their waste has been a challenge.

Solving the Plastic Pollution Problem

Bringing up children who are aware of the plastic pollution problem and telling them all they can do to solve it, is the best way to deal with the problem. Parents will learn about the importance of protecting the environment when they are helping their children to be more aware.
he only way we can manage the plastic pollution problem is by changing the way we live, and the best way for this change to happen is by bringing up our children in a different way, we need to tell them more about proper waste management and tell them what they need to know about protecting the environment. We can no longer allow our children to do the same things we did when we were growing up.


If we could encourage more persons to move out of urban areas would there still be a problem with over population? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves. We have been saying city life is best for too long and now that we have contamination of water and food because of the way we live, it is time for us to start thinking in a new way.

Spreading out the population is something every Government on the planet should be trying to do. There would be new ways of learning and earning, this would allow economies to grow and job creation would be done in a better way. Getting rid of the overpopulation problem and the plastic pollution problem can be done with a few simple changes. We just need to be willing to adjust before it is too late

Telling Children about Reducing Plastic Use


We can’t afford to do nothing about overpopulation and the plastic pollution problem and changing the way we educate our children about protecting the environment is very important. So let us get it done. This site
is equipped with all the books the children will need when you are ready to help them to be aware of all they can do to protect the environment. The eBook Reduce for Taffy</a

Tells a story of all the changes children make when they are reducing plastic use. They will understand how plastic affects the marine animals like the Sea Turtles and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves and the planet.

Yiu can support this effort by ordering fiverr gigs and other eBooks on the site. That is how you will be helping to promote the use of reusable items and reduce the number of plastic bags and other plastic products that we use everyday.
When children know about the changes they need to make and why, we will be moving in the right direction as we work towards having a healthy environment. Let's solve this problem together, we can make the necessary changes together and look forward to having a bright future here on our planet.

Posted in books for the Environment, environmental protection, environmental protection awareness, poetry e books

Environmental Protection Awareness

A project for Environmental protection awareness is here for the children. We don’t want them to grow up and say we didn’t give them the information they needed. So all they can do is blame us for the terrible state of the environment. Special books about the simple things they can do to keep the environment clean, are being published here and you can simply order e books for yourself and the children you know, or fiverr gigs for great service online.


Making excuses won’t be good enough, when more beaches are ruined and we have no where to have fun. The sea creatures deserve a healthy home, there is too much plastic in the sea. Can we work towards eliminating beach clean up days? By having more persons who are aware of how important it is for us to protect the environment?

This Project is geared towards reducing the need for beach clean up days and having more beautiful beaches for us all to enjoy. And it has been getting support from a number of persons. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you order fiverr gigs and e books online, as you look forward to having a clean environment.

Ricardo’s Tree 

The next book to be published will be about tree planting. We have had too much deforestation and not enough tree planting. Children will be motivated and inspired, when they read about a little boy who is fascinated by a seed. His father told him that it was possible for the seed to become a tree and he just couldn’t wait to see his own tree. The cover is here and I know you will want to assist with this new book about protecting the environment; as we work towards having a bright future along with the children.



Let’s not sit and wait for more soil to be washed into the sea, when it rains. This damages the Coral reefs and the fish will have no place to lay their eggs. How will we continue enjoying those tasty meals, when we have no fish to eat?

Tree planting can be a fun filled exercise when children are involved. You’ll be doing more for your health, as fruits are always a part of a healthy diet. You’ll see the difference it makes. When you give it a try.

Getting children involved in environmental protection exercises can be very rewarding. With this project you will be rewarded in many ways, I am sure you’ll agree


We get a lot of benefits from planting trees. Doing more of this is something you will enjoy a lot more when the children are learning how to make their future bright.