Sustainability Made Simple For Children

Unsustainable living caused so much pollution and distress. Can we afford to raise children who are not equipped with the information about sustainability? We can use environmental education as a tool to help our children. They can begin using environmental solutions and start trying to live sustainably. We can show them that life on the Planet can be better. We shouldn’t subject them to what we are going through with the microplastic in air and water, wild fires, heat waves and other environmental issues.

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Why Kids Should be told about Sustainability

Previous generations caused us to be at this place where Global Warming is causing droughts, wildfires and terrible flooding. Added to that our leaders are making no plans to reduce fossil fuel use. Our children will need to make drastic changes in order to survive. They will need to restore ecosystems, reduce plastic pollution and regulate the earth’s temperature. It is only fair for us to help them to be aware of the tasks they will need to perform.

Children can Become the Change they Need to See

Children can learn about sustainability and have the future they want to see. We simply need to give them a chance to learn in a new way. Some parents have not been telling their children much about eco-friendly tips in the past. The way waste is managed has not been an issue that we paid enough attention to before. When children learn about green living they are more prepared to take care of their basic needs when they grow up.

Simplified Environmental Solutions and More

The simplified eco-friendly tips and environmental solutions for the children are in eBooks and books here. These ecofriendly children’s books are nicely written with rhymes and great illustrations. Children will be fascinated by green activity books and the books about other stories also. Parents will find great books for themselves there too. Lyrics for kids songs, adult songs and jingles can be ordered on the project website as you support the project.

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