Soil Pollution Can Reduce Food Quality

Soil is not a thing we think about often enough and most of us don’t believe it can be polluted. However, soil pollution leads to other problems and finding solutions for it becomes more important every day. Polluted soil produces polluted food and sick people. If more people were aware of this they would do more to protect the soil. Even farmers would protect their businesses by protecting and restoring their soil more.

Deforestation cause soil to be washed away, removing the best layer of the soil. Human activities also cause most soil pollution. This happens close to the industrial complexes where a number of chemicals are used to manufacture products. The pollution in the soil gets into the rivers when the rain falls. This causes a reduction in the amount of water we can use freely. There is also a need for us to have more conversations about food insecurity.

soil pollution
soil pollution

Becoming the Change

If we are not determined to become the change we need to see. We will continue polluting the soil and harming ourselves. When our food is planted in polluted soil we easily develop Cancers and other illnesses. Our bodies need the nutrients from our food to develop our immune systems. If we don’t change the way we build environmental protection awareness and become the change we need to see. Huge corporations will take over farming and give us poor quality food to eat. They only care about becoming more wealthy by doing mass production.

However, when more people are aware of the need for environmental care, they will be restoring the soil. More farmers will be calling on environmentalists to test their soil quality. They will make improvement when that is necessary. When this is not done, the farm becomes useless after a while. This happens when too much pesticides and other dangerous chemicals are used on the farm for too long. We can also hope the people who get involved in industrial activities and mining will begin doing more soil restoration.

building environmental protection awareness in a better way is the solution we need to use at this time


Even though we are encouraged to get educated so we can have jobs. Food security is important and we should be protecting the environment more. Our education will not help us if we are eating polluted food grown in polluted soil and harming ourselves. Support the eco-kids project today and change the way we build environmental protection awareness.

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