Save the Planet

Save the Planet for the children because it is possible. Conserve the natural resources and protect the ecosystems so we can live sustainably. We don’t need to continue destroying the planet because the wealthy want more money. We can do things in a different way, we don’t need to continue polluting our ground water and our rivers etc. There is need for restoration and decreased pollution. It makes no sense for us to have environmental solutions and refuse to make them. It is hard to live without water, we shouldn’t allow this problem to get worse.

Trees Solve Problems

We know trees attract rain and deforestation can be reversed with tree planting. It is good to get water from the air, but trees produce nutritious fruits that will build our immunity. They also help to block the sun and cause the earth to be cooler. We should be voting for the polticians who are interested in environmental protection. We should also be supporting more green businesses and starting green businesses of our own. When we talk to the children about the plans we have to make the future bright. They should include the plan to go green and save our planet.


Even though we are not being encouraged by our leaders to invest in renewable energy very often. We should try to save towards getting off the grid. It will be an investment that we will benefit from in many ways. The money you are spending for electricity now, will be invested in many other ways. After the renewable energy equipment is installed, you can save towards doing business and earning profits. Saving the planet is about making smart investments in many ways.

Environmental Protection Awareness

Environmental education for children is a part of a great plan to reverse the damage that was done before. We just cannot afford to continue raising children who are not aware of the need for trees, clean water, healthy soil and clean air. Sustainability will not be a word we use sometimes when our children know how important it is, to protect the environment. It is very easy for you to help more children to learn about environmental solutions. Simply place orders on the funwritings website. You will be contributing to the publishing cost of the eco-friendly children’s books.

Environmentally friendly project for kids
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