Taffy Turtles Green Kids Action Book

Taffy Turtles Green Kids Action Book

Children can now develop their love for the great outdoors and develop great eco-habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Building Environmental Protection Awareness in a new and better way is the greatest thing we can do for Mother Nature.



Green kids will take action and make their own plans for their future. When parents give them this awesome children’s environmentally friendly book, they will learn about renewables, conservation, green living and more eco-friendly topics as they prepare to face the future with a smile.

Even though our planet has been poorly treated for so many years, we can give the children the information they need so they can become the solution for the problems that is currently causing us to be having stress at the moment.

Plastic pollution, food shortage, deforestation and climate change can be a thing of the past when we all decide to become the solution for environmental pollution issues and tell the children all about our plans.


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