Taffy Turtle Loves to Play

Taffy Turtle Loves to Play

Taffy Turtle Loves to Play with her brother and sisters. Children will like reading about the games they play as they enjoy themselves under the Sea and on the beach.

Eco-friendly tips will help children to develop green habits and have a healthy environment to live in, one day.




Telling toddlers about environmental care in a fun-filled way is such a great thing to do. This book is filled with rhymes and eco-friendly tips. Children will not only learn about the many games the Turtles play, but they will begin understanding why it is important for them to begin thinking about environmental care.

“Taffy Turtle Loves to Play” is the book you will purchase when you want to give children gifts that will keep on giving.

Remember we are living in the days when we all need to know more about the green lifestyle. Children can be ready to save the planet when they are informed.


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