Ricardo’s Tree

Ricardo’s Tree

Planting a seed and watching a tree grow is so fascinating, that children will enjoy reading all about it in this book.

They will see the many benefits to be derived from their green action. They can use this book to encourage their friends to join eco clubs and go green.



Planting a seed and watching a tree grow is so fascinating, that children will enjoy reading all about it in this book.


They will be inspired and motivated as they think about all the possibilities that will exist when trees are planted. Let’s put an end to hunger, children who know how to plant trees are empowered to take care of themselves. When they grow up they won’t be cutting down trees without replanting any, they will know how important it is for them to protect the environment. Let us do more for the children, and help to make their future bright. Give them a gift that keeps on giving. You can tell them all about planting trees and the benefits they will derive from their efforts when you give them a copy of this eBook.Children will like reading about Ricardo’s dream, they will be inspired by the fact that a seed that is so small can become a tree that is big and tall when it is planted. Learning more about protecting the environment will be a topic they are interested in and they will be enthusiastic when you want them to work on projects that are related to environmental protection. When children are aware of what they can do for the environment, they will tell their friends about it and the very important message about the importance of protecting the environment will be spread without any great effort on your part. Now that all the information they need to have about tree planting is here in this book. you will have no problems when you are ready to pass on valuable information to them. Let’s tell our children how they can treat the environment right and have a future that is bright. If this is not done they will continue to cut down trees without replanting any and continue doing all the wrong things that is being done now, as they will know about nothing new. Children will have an experience that is brand new as they learn about the importance of trees and how birds and trees are connected in a special way. Ricardo became such a kind boy when he had his own tree with lots of fruits to give away. He is very proud as he saw his dream come true. When children are aware of the importance of planting trees, they will grow up to be adults who will replant trees after they cut them down, they will know how important trees are and why we need to plant trees more often. Protecting the environment by planting trees is a very important topic and our children should be told all about it. Now this book will help them to understand how to plant trees and what they need to do to keep them alive. We cannot say we are preparing our children to face a future that is bright if we are not telling them how to plant trees so they can always be able to feed themselves. So let’s get started on the journey of preparing children for a good life. There is a lot of children can do when they learn important lessons early in life. It is also good for them to go out and enjoy nature instead of watching the television or playing video games all day long. When they know how to plant a tree and watch it grow, they will not want to be sitting in their houses all day anymore. Getting the exercise they need will not be a problem anymore. Environmental protection awareness is not a topic that is meant for adults only, kids need to start developing the right habits early, so they can do the right things for the environment when they grow up. Don’t allow them to say their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles didn’t tell them how important it is to protect the environment and provide food for themselves by planting trees, when you can get copies of this great eBook for all the children you know. Ricardo is a happy boy because he knows how to plant a tree, you can make every boy and girl you know happy too when you get a copy of this book for them, so they can learn about tree planting and great things that will happen when trees are planted.

Author: Denise Salmon


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