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  • Sale! Gardening for kids

    Gavin the Little Gardener

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    Gardening with compost has become a simple thing for everyone to do. We all can be sure that we are eating healthy food when we have parents who encourage children to become little gardeners. Gavin the Little Gardener is certainly an energetic and precocious boy.

    Encourage children to join more environmental clubs by giving them copies of this book.

  • saving the Turtles and keeping beaches beautiful

    Saving Taffy Turtle – Coloring and Activity Pages

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    Saving Taffy Turtle- Coloring and Activities is a book that is full of words that tells children about the activities they will enjoy doing. They will get to draw some of the sea creatures as they learn more about protecting the environment and the cute Pink Turtle.

    Protecting the environment has never been simplified in this way before and children will enjoy identifying the many marine animals and getting to know more about the eco-friendly tips they can use to save them, as they colour and answer simple questions.