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  • Sale! Magical Seeds

    Magic in the Seed

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    The seed that becomes a new plant that protects us from the sun. Becomes the home for the Birds and still delivers more sweet fruits for us to eat. Children will enjoy going on this great journey as they learn about the Magic in the Seed.

  • recycling for kids

    Saving Taffy Turtle

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    A story that tells about enjoying nature and protecting the sea creatures at the same time. Children will love to read about the life of a cute baby Turtle and how a family enjoys their trip to the beach. They will want to do more to assist with recycling at home, as they will understand how important it is to protect the environment and the baby Turtles.

  • eco-friendly tips and activities they can learn to do when they are protecting the planet

    Taffy Turtles Green Kids Action Book

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    Children can now develop their love for the great outdoors and develop great eco-habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

    Building Environmental Protection Awareness in a new and better way is the greatest thing we can do for Mother Nature.