Plastic Pollution Solutions and Tips

Plastic pollution can change habitats and the natural processes, causing a reduction in the ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change. Millions of people’s livelihoods are directly affected as fish stocks decrease and the sea level rises. Aproximately 8 million pieces of plastic finds their way into the oceans each day. The social well-being of people is impaired when they face increased poverty. The plastic pollution problem grows, as much more plastic is produced than what is being reused and recycled. If more people were aware of the earning opportunities that are attached to plastic recycling they would begin doing their part to decrease plastic pollution.


Decreasing Plastic Pollution

The Eco-kids book project is helping children to be equipped to live sustainably as they decrease plastic pollution. Eventually these children will grow up and start plastic recycling businesses. This will help with the reduction of plastic waste in landfills and reduce the number of unemployed in the society. More drivers, people who sort plastic waste and work with the many machines used in the recycling facilities will be needed. When environmental protection awareness becomes a topic that gets more attention from media and Government officials. Environmental education will be a part of the curriculum in every school and this will cause more children to be willing to make plans to decrease plastic pollution while they protect the environment and live in a sustainable way.

Reducing Plastic Pollution by using Reusables

The use of single-use-plastic can be reduced when more people simply decide to use reusable utensils, cups, plates, shoping bags etc. When a ban is placed on some of these items by Governments, we see a change in the behavior of the people. When the use of reusables becomes a part of the environmental education curriculum for children, they will grow up with the plan to take this necessary step to protect the environment.

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How to Reuse Plastic

When children learn about reusing plastic as they decrease plastic pollution, the will become very creative. They can have a lot of fun as they worl alongside their peers and produce usable toys and gifts for friends and loved ones. Adults who are in the business of using plastic waste to do business found many ways to make chairs, tables, bins and other useful items. There business becomes very profitable, because the raw material is free. If there were more organisations set up to train people to make more products from plastic waste, there would be a reduction in the problem over time.

Development of Other Businesses

A business could be developed for truck owners as well. They would go around and collect plastic waste from the companies who have lots of workers who discard plastic each day. The schools and high rise housing developments are great places to collect plastic waste. The plastic waste they collect could be sold to the recycling businesses. This would cause the recyclers to spend more time doing recycling and earning instead of collecting.

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Decreasing the Plastic pollution problem is all about more people becoming more creative and doing business in a new way. Polluters should be asked to pay more often and Governments should use the tax they pay, to employ more people to keep the environment clean. For far too long we see companies destroying the environment and there is no consequence. Many of them simply continue doing business as usual. The oil producers who earn huge profits from the oil that is used to make plastic, could contribute to recycling more.

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